Paschatkarma (Post Panchakarma Regimen)

Post Panchakarma regimen is very important for getting the maximum benefits. After purification, giving suitable materials like rasayanas nourishes the body. This is essential to build up the exhausted body tissues and establish normal metabolic and immune functions. If this process is not done properly, the new ama (metabolic wastes) is generated which affects the immune function of the body. One of the important factors of the Paschatkarma is diet others being sleep and sex. These are also told as thristhambha (tripod of health)

a. Aahaara or Peyadi Krama (dietary prescriptions)

In Panchakarma, peyadikrama has a major role to play. Peyadikrama is a method to increase the strength of the digestive fire by giving lighter diet to start with and gradually bringing the patient to his or her normal diet. The preparations are peya (red rice gruel), vilepi (gruel with more quantity of rice), akrithayusa (rice gruel prepared with pulses like green gram), kritchayusa, (rice along with green gram soup and spicy foods & condiments), akritha rasa (meat soup with rice), kritha rasa (rice with meat) and so on. It is mentioned in Astangahrdaya that:

"Yathanuragni trinagomayadyai sandhukshyamano bhavati kramena

mahan sthirash sarva pachasthathaiva suddhasya peyadibhirantharagni"

Like an ember that slowly lights and forms into flames when grass or cow is put, the digestive fire in the body increase, becomes stable and powerful by doing peyadikrama.

b. Vihaara (life style prescriptions)

A regulated life style also plays an important role in getting the maximum benefits of Panchakarma. It has to be followed for equal number of days for which Panchakarma was done. For a period of time one has to observe strict regimen (kathina pathya ) and later slowly taper into normal lifestyle.

Apart from pre, main and post techniques, in the classical texts few other techniques that are subsidiary to Panchakarma are also mentioned. They are dhumapana (medicated smoking), gandusa (holding medicated materials in the mouth), kavala (gargling), pratisarana (applying a coat of the drug paste to mouth), mukhalepa (application on face), murdha taila (applying oil on the head), karna poorana (applying medicine in ears), ascyotana (eye drops), anjana (collyrium), tarpana & putapaka (eye medications)

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